Leadership Chats

This is an exciting time in our church as we see more opportunities to BE the church here in Northwest Georgia. Being the church requires us to constantly align and realign ourselves to the Scriptures, to be sensitive to how the Spirit is moving among us, and to be mobilized for the mission He has given us.

Part of being the church means we need to stay united and committed about who we are, why we exist, and what God is calling us to do in His Name. So I would like to invite you to attend a “Leadership Chat” so we can discuss all God is doing among us. This chat is for anyone involved and/or interested in the current work and future direction of Rock Bridge.

We absolutely need you as leaders, influencers, owners, members, and participants at Rock Bridge to attend one of these chats. I’d even encourage you to bring someone with you who might be excited about Rock Bridge or getting more involved in God’s mission here.

We have 5 options for you, so PICK THE DATE THAT FITS YOU BEST.

          August 11th, 12:30PM – Chatsworth Campus:  Bagley

            August 14th, 6:30PM – Dalton Campus:  Stage 123

            August 17th, 9:00AM – Dalton Campus:  Stage 123

            August 18th, 12:30PM – Ringgold Campus:  Remco

            August 21st, 6:30PM – Calhoun Campus:  Gordon Hills


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New Message Series!

Unleashed Graphic

We’re kicking off a new series this weekend at all our campuses.

  • This is a GREAT time to bring a guest with you. Why?
    • Because everyone needs to be loved without limits, and this is the love that God has unleashed into the world!
  • We’ll talk about God’s love and why it is hard for people (especially men) to understand and receive.
  • We’ll talk about what makes God’s love different from how most of us understand love.
  • We’ll learn how to really love the people in our lives.
  • We’re praying ...
    • for people to receive LIFE in Christ.
    • for people to be set free.
    • for people to experience healing, reconciliation, and hope.
    • for people to be loved without limits!

So join us and ask someone to join you for UNLEASHED!

We’re also going to learn a new song that speaks of God’s love. Here are the lyrics … powerful!

“Love So High” by Jason Ingram, Reuben Morgan, Matt Redman, and Chris Tomlin

Outside the city walls on a wooden cross
A light in the darkness
Bleeding from Your hands, flowing from Your side
A river of mercy
A river of mercy

Your love so great, higher than the stars
Unfailing love, deeper than the sea
Your love so sure, stronger than the mountains
Oh Your love, it’s everything to me

How deep, how wide
How long, how high

Thorns that made a crown, forgiveness falling down
Your wounds are our healing
The earth began to move and all of heaven knew
Death was defeated
And all because of You Jesus

Your love so high
Your love so high

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When Disaster Strikes

The news from Oklahoma and Texas is horrible and difficult to bear. The tragic loss of life, especially the children in the elementary school, raises hard and gut-wrenching questions for all us. In times like these we pray for a faith that is bigger than our questions, and we thank God for a hope that is bigger than what a tornado can take away. We pray this hope can become real to the victims of this disaster.

As Christ-followers we are part of a Kingdom that is both here and is yet to come. What we witnessed yesterday was the groaning of creation for this Kingdom to come (see Romans 8:18-25). Jesus even predicted such occurrences would happen prior to the full consummation of His Kingdom (see Luke 21:11).

But now our response is to bear witness to the King we serve and the King we await.

  • Let’s all commit to praying for the victims that they may find and rest in the only hope that transcends this tragedy.
  • Let’s also pray for the first responders and relief organizations and churches that they may demonstrate the hope and love of Christ.
  • Finally, as a church we are today donating thousands of dollars directly to the disaster relief efforts underway in Oklahoma. This is only possible because you faithfully give. Thank you for helping Rock Bridge respond quickly and generously in a way that prayerfully will meet practical life-giving needs in the days to come and offer hope for those in pain and grief.

Tragedies like these remind us that this broken world is not our home and that “here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city that is to come” (Hebrews 13:14, NIV). We thank God for this hope and anticipation while praying today, perhaps more than before, “Lord, Your Kingdom come.”

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Easter Week – Quick Video from Rock Bridge on Vimeo.

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Getting Ready for Easter


a) An unchurched person, lost person, or your “red dot” is willing to attend with you.
b) Allows you to serve during one or multiple services and worship at another service.
c) Helps us free up seats during the expected “high attendance” times of Sunday 9:30 & 11:00 by attending a non-traditional service time
d) Any combination of a, b, or c.

Here are the options we have in NW GA for Easter:

Thursday @ 6:30 pm
Sunday @ 8:00, 9:30, or 11:00 am

Sunday @ 10:30 am (extra seats will be out!!)

Thursday @ 6:30 pm (Stage 123)
Saturday @ 6:30 pm (Wink Theatre)
Sunday @ 8:00 am (Stage 123)
Sunday @ 9:30 am & 11:00 am (both Stage 123 & Wink Theatre)

Saturday @ 6:30 pm
Sunday @ 8:00, 9:30, or 11:00 am

We are kicking off a NEW SERIES on Easter weekend called Overcome–an awesome opportunity to invite a guest to learn how the resurrection matter today in our lives to help us overcome obstacles, adversities, and barriers in order to live the life God created us to live!!

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Taking Action By Serving Our Community

Guest post by Brian Holt

A famous nun once said, “[The fame and adulation] means nothing to me. But one thing I have done which I believe is important. I have helped people to talk to the poor and not just about the poor.

Operation: Advance is about far more than simply talking about the problems facing our world. Those problems must be faced with action…with deployment of a variety of our resources. While financial giving can solve problems locally and globally, some problems can only be solved by personal interaction. We must actively serve those around us.
The Church itself is, at it’s very core, about drawing people in and sending people out. We are commanded to go and make disciples of all nations. We are commanded to love our neighbors and to take care of those in need. It’s a personal command as well as a corporate command. We serve to be obedient, to draw others to Jesus, and to receive the joy that comes from giving.
We want you to experience all those things.  We are asking every Small Group to serve somewhere in your community between now and the beginning of summer (June 1st).
Here’s how to make it happen:
1. Find your own opportunity.
God has given each of us specific areas of passion for a specific reason. He’s also gifted us uniquely and called us each to different stages of life. Find an opportunity to serve that matches those things!
When you find an opportunity to serve on your own as a Small Group, you not only find something that matches your Group best, you also take on a higher level of ownership…which leads to greater achievement and greater satisfaction. God has put you in a specific context (work, family, neighborhood, etc…). This all works best when you serve out of where God has placed you.
2. Choose an opportunity from the list of current Action Teams.
While it’s best for a Small Group to discover an opportunity to serve on its own, we know that not every Small Group will be able to do so. And we want to help. We have volunteer and staff action team leaders that are serving in area ministries regularly. From serving food to the homeless and underprivileged, to reading stories to children, to fixing and building houses. There’s something on this list for everyone. Visit www.rockbridge.cc/missions and click on “Action Teams” for a complete list.
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The Next Step for the Holt Family

Guest Post by Brian Holt

It is with a mixture of both excitement and sadness that we would like to announce that I have accepted the position of Executive Pastor at Bridgeway Community Church in Fishers, Indiana starting in May.

For the past year, Anna and I have felt a growing burden in our hearts for the Midwest. We had been sensing that God might lead us to return someday, though we weren’t sure when that might happen. That burden was in stark contrast to how we felt when we first moved to Georgia (and before I got to know SEC fans). At that time, we knew exactly where we were supposed to be and what we were supposed to be doing. Over time, as we tried to be obedient and bold, that direction has shifted.

Rock Bridge has been absolutely incredible to and for me and my family. Moving to Georgia was easily the best decision we’ve ever made as a family and we will cherish every minute of it and every friendship we’ve gained. I learned how to be a leader, pastor, strategic thinker, and a better disciple through my time under the leadership of this church. Through the relationships we gained, we learned how to be good parents, better stewards, and better spouses and have grown closer to God. In many ways, it brings me great sadness to leave this place. We are leaving, not because we have to and not because of unhealth, but rather to step out in faith into a new adventure. If not for how amazing Rock Bridge is, we’d never have been ready to accept this new journey.

But this decision is not all sad. We aren’t leaving to go to a terrible place filled with terrible people. Bridgeway Community Church immediately captured our hearts. It was clear from the beginning that this was a place that aligned with our vision of what church could be. The people are kind and passionate about Jesus. They are not judgmental, but cover all things with grace. They are more concerned with loving people into a relationship with Jesus Christ through the Gospel than they are about maintaining old traditions. Their faith is evident, passionate, and directed. Their reliance on Him is clear. It will be an honor to serve God alongside each and every one of them. I pray that God will use this church for His glory, as He has Rock Bridge.

All new journeys are inherently scary. There is so much unknown. (What if they really are all terrible people and they just hide it well?) However, we take great peace in knowing that there is One who is never unknown, no matter where we go, as long as we are following Him. And that’s what our family longs to be about.


With much love,

Brian & Anna

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Kingdom Giving

During Operation Advance we have an opportunity to make a “Kingdom investment” with our finances … or should I say the finances God has given us “dominion” over. While giving away money is challenging and often scary, I want to encourage you that God is faithful to us when we are faithful to His kingdom causes. As we go through an honest, biblically guided, and faith-filled process, we can trust God to grow us closer to Him and shape us more in His likeness. Remember Jesus’ teaching that “…where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). So as we invest “treasure” into the Kingdom, our heart will follow and become more Kingdom-oriented. Here are a few things to encourage you:

Watch the Operation Advance giving partners video that we showed during our services this weekend.

Include your spouse, children, small group, etc in the process of deciding what to give.

Always keep the Cross and the gift of God’s Son in mind as you consider giving.

Our Elders and staff have already committed OVER $21,500.
Then the leaders of the households, the leaders of the tribes of Israel, the commanders of thousands and of hundreds, and the officials in charge of the king’s work gave willinglyThen the people rejoiced because of their leaders’ willingness to give, for they had given to the Lord with a whole heart. {I Chronicles 29:6-9, HCSB}

Be creative when thinking about how you can give.

  • Eat out less and divert the money you would normally spend to the offering.
  • Drink less coffee and cokes, giving the money you would spend to the offering.
  • Seriously analyze your budget and spending to make long-term changes so you can be more generous.
  • Consider how you can reduce driving (gas expenses).
  • Look at your “standard of living” — can you make changes so you can increase your “standard of giving” to the Kingdom?
  • Finally, hold everything loosely. Look at your investments, savings, etc. etc. Give God a “1000% Yes” answer to “What’s next?” for your finances.

There is great power in our church going through this together in unity. A few of us can make a small difference, but all together we can dramatically alter the dynamic and change the direction toward God’s kingdom on several fronts by our sacrificial gift this month. Pray and listen. To God be the glory!

Instructions on how to give:

  • You can give online at “MyRockBridge” by clicking here.
  • Make a check payable to “Rock Bridge Community Church” and put “OPERATION ADVANCE” in the memo line.
  • Put loose change in the large water bottles found in our lobby spaces at all campuses.
  • We are encouraging everyone to give something over Palm Sunday weekend (March 21/24) but you can give earlier or later if you prefer.
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Fasting 101

On Thursday as a church we are fasting together for the “advance” of God’s kingdom IN us and THROUGH us. Here are a few thoughts on fasting along with an excellent web site that goes in more detail: Your Personal Guide to Fasting and Prayer” –

Why fast?

  • To remind ourselves that we do not live on “bread” alone but ultimately upon God and His presence (Matthew 4:4; Psalm 73:26)
  • Because certain spiritual victories only come through fasting (Matthew 17:21; Ezra 8:21)
  • To heighten our sensitivity to God and His voice (Acts 13:2)

What should I fast from?

  • Something that you will consciously miss:
    • A meal or several meals
    • The use of Facebook or the internet or other social media
    • TV
    • Cokes, coffee, caffeine, sugar, or even meat
    • Limiting your diet to fruits and vegetables and juices (this is a good option for a longer fast)
What do I do while I fast or when I miss what I am fasting from?
  • By fasting you free attention and time to focus on the things of God (Colossians 3:1-3)
  • When you feel the desire to eat or watch TV or check Facebook or whatever you are fasting from, instead turn to God in prayer, Scripture reading, or worship music
Remember fasting is about turning from something so you can turn to Someone–God.
Any advice if I am fasting from food?
  • Drink plenty of fluids before and during your fast.
  • Do not “gorge” yourself on food the day before.
  • Get rest
  • During your fast, slow your pace down (don’t engage in strenuous physical activity for example).
  • Have a plan for what will do when your body says, “Feed me”. A few options are to drink water or juices, immediately turn to prayer and Bible reading, talk to other Christians who can help encourage you, etc.


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Operation Advance Week 1 – Pray

Operation Advance – Week 1 – Pray from Rock Bridge on Vimeo.

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